SOR LONG Community Lodge (CBT) at Kanpetlet

Community Based Tourism in Chin State, Myanmar

Chin State is fast becoming a frequent pilgrimage destination for ardent twitchers. SOR LONG Community Based Tourism experiences in partnership with the Sor Long village at Kanpetlet in Chin State, Myanmar. Kanpetlet is a town in the Chin State of West Myanmar and the home of the Kanpetlet Township administration body. It is known for Mt. Victoria, the highest peak in the Chin Hills and one of the highest in Western Myanmar, and Natmataung National Park, home of some of the world’s rarest bird species.

Mt. Victoria (aka) Nat Ma Taung

Mt. Victoria is now better known in Myanmar as ‘Nat Ma Taung’ or in Chin language as “Khaw Nau Sone” which both mean ‘Mother of Spirits’. Khaw Nau Sone mountain is one of the highest peaks of Southeast Asia and is the highest mountain in Chin State (10,500 feet).

Where to stay at Kanpetlet, Chin State

The dramatic scenery coupled with abundant birdlife provides the perfect holiday location for those who appreciate the natural environment and enjoy eco adventures. For those tourists who like to meet the locals, then the Khaw Nau Sone villages and townships of Kanpetlet, Mindut and Matupi offer a unique insight in to Chin life.

Trip to Mt. Victoria offers recreational opportunities as well as viewing of the natural mountain scenery, bird watching and observing the traditional and cultural heritage of Chin people and their ways of live. Most of the old ladies were thickly painted tattoo on their faces.

SOR LONG Community Lodge (CBT) offers a fascinating and unforgettable experiences where you can climb Khaw Nau Sone, stay overnight in a remote Chin village and meet some of the 120 villagers who live there. “FOREVER TOP Travel & Tours” has special promotion package for SOR-LONG Community Lodge, please check out on their website at

Published on April 4th, 2019

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